International Conference of Weighing

24th April 2023 to 26th April 2023
Hamburg, Germany
Digitization in Global Digital World

Main purpose of this first edition of the conference appeared to bring together stake holders in the weighing sector from across the globe to share their experiences, Knowledge, innovative ideas, development agenda and best practices. Idea being to enable all-round upgradation of the global weighing sector and make it more futuristic in terms of efficiency, technology and ease of operation for better output at reasonable cost.

CECIP, The European Weighing Industry Association hosted the event in collaboration with various Partners, Sponsors and in cooperation with VDMA Services GmbH.

The main partners of the event

BIPM – Bureau International des Poids et Mesures

CAFIPEM - Chamber of Manufacturers of Weighing and Measuring Instruments from Argentina

CECIP – European weighing industry association

CWIA – China Weighing Instrument Association

JMIF – Japan Measuring Instrument Federation

KASTO – Korea Association of Standards & Testing Organization (KASTO) is an association supporting the government's legal metrology and conformity assessment tasks

OIML – International Legal Metrology Organisation

REMESP – Metrological Network of the State of São Paulo from Brazil

WIAA - Weighing Industry Association of Australia


Premium Sponsor:

Superior Sponsor

Basis Sponsor

The process of holding this conference started with consensus building followed by choosing the location for the event. Hamburg city in Germany emerged an acceptable choice.

Beautiful city of Hamburg which is nicknamed “Gateway to the World “is the second largest city of Germany. Its harbour and network of canals remain the city’s most important feature. It is estimated that Hamburg has around 2500 bridges, the most of any city in the world. Apart from being one of Germany’s top real estate centres, Hamburg is the third largest civil aircraft manufacturing city in the world. The proud names include Airbus, its biggest employer and Lufthansa Technik.

The Conference had optimal representation comprising 220 delegates and 66 speakers from 22 countries across 5 continents. Number of sponsors was 17. The most unique feature of the conference was, presence of Industry Associations, Industries, Legislators, Regulators and agencies involved in assisting regulators at the same platform.

3 days of conference included presentations, panel discussions, open question answer sessions and wide spread interactions. It was all covered under 5 plenary sessions and 4 parallel sessions. Subjects covered were Legal Metrology, Applied Metrology and Scientific Metrology.

Topics covered:

  • The EU weigh-in on the green and digital transition
  • The kilogram in the quantum era
  • Realization of a Machine Actionable Infrastructure in Mass Metrology
  • The global economic trends in 2023
  • Effects of the New Geopolitics on Mechanical and Equipment Engineering
  • Introducing the OIML Digitalisation Task Group (DTG): activities, scope and roadmap
  • OIML D31 – recent changes and future challenges
  • Non-automatic weighing instruments in the digital world
  • Revision of OIML R 51:2006 Automatic catch weighing instruments – Product developments, problems defined, evaluation and solutions in the area of digitalisation.
  • Development of a system with the digitalization of testing data
  • Thin and flexible platforms for heavy loads
  • Accuracy verification of hydrogen metering in hydrogen refuelling stations
  • Evolution of digital load cells: meeting the new needs of packaging and agricultural machinery manufacturers
  • Dissemination of the kilogram following its redefinition
  • The Quantum Electro-Mechanical Metrology Suite – a new Kibble balance in an NMI in one laboratory
  • Efforts on direct realization of mass geared toward commercialization
  • Realization of the kilogram using 28Si-enriched spheres at NMIJ
  • Challenges of dynamic axle load measurements under legal control
  • Revision of OIML R 134: 2006 Automatic instruments for weighing road vehicles in motion and measuring axle loads – Product developments, problems defined, evaluation and solutions
  • How does new datalogger change WIM calibration and adjustment?
  • Vehicle Weigh-In-Motion: A Technical Perspective from the Standard to the Type Approval Evaluation
  • OPC UA Connectivity for Weighing – What you have to know
  • Beyond scales: emerging AI applications around the scale and the correction factor weight
  • Securing Your Products in the Digital Age
  • ›Good Practice‹ conventions for Digital Calibration Certificates (DCCs) for NAWIs – current status of a respective working group
  • Construction of a hybrid robot intended for mass standard comparison, equipped with a suspended self-centring weighing pan
  • Efficient management method of scale using QR code
  • Digital Certificates of Conformity in Metrology (D-CoC M) – Status of NoBoMet project group
  • Digitalization in legal metrology from the perspective of WELMEC
  • EU measures to embrace digital transformation
  • The Digital Calibration Certificate (DCC)
  • DCC for Pharmaceutical Industry – a practical proof of concept
  • DCC with “Metricode HUB”, an implementation case in a calibration laboratory
  • Digital calibration certificate meeting the requirements of the accreditation standard
  • An alternative approach for the dissemination of mass unit following the new definition of the kilogram
  • A Cost saving Method for Determining Air Density in Weighing
  • Realization of small torque standard traceable to the Planck constant
  • Legal metrology in the interconnected world
  • Plastic Energy
  • Weighing planes
  • Measuring the treasures in trash bins
  • A detector of gravity canter of vehicle equipped of a weighing bridge
  • Environmental surveillance with magneto gravimetric method
  • Development of dynamic flow measurement by applying static weighing method
  • Tank scale calibration using hydraulics instead of weights
  • A stepwise method for efficient testing of automatic checkweighers ‘Example of application to evaluation test data’
  • Future of the weighing industry—Panel Discussion

Moderator: Nick Parsons – CECIP President & CSO Minebea Intec GmbH

    • Dr Karl Sommer 
      CEO, Minebea Intec GmbH
    • Elena Markwalder
      Head of Industrial Division, Mettler Toledo International Inc.
    • Andreas W. Kraut
      CEO & Shareholder, Bizerba SE & Co. KG
    • Frédéric Mey
      CEO, Precia Molen
  • The silicon path of the kilogram – how is it going?
  • Micro-mass and -micro-force measurements with direct traceability to the SI
  • Kibble balance technology applications for end-user devices
  • Developments in retail sector
  • Developments in food production sector
  • Developments in the chemical industry
  • Developments in the lab sector
  • Digital Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Weighing in the Digital Age: Innovation and Practice


 At the end of the presentations, during concluding session CECIP gracefully passed on the baton to JMIF and the latter welcomed it delightfully. The second version of ICW will now take place at Japan.

Finally, the event concluded on a very interesting note and that was, a historic trip to Airbus factory. It was quite exciting to see development and manufacturing of latest generation of Airbus aircrafts. We could see most modern automated assembly processes, like structuring assembly, the equipping of fuselage sections and final assembly.

With globalisation being welcomed as a preferred way to exist, confining to silos may not be an answer to our problems. Interdependence helps coexistence, which some of us had forgotten till covid epidemic served as a reminder. Let the index be any, economic, environmental, health or security, the impact of problems knows no boundaries and affects all. In that context, The International Conference of Weighing is a progressive and forward-looking concept based on knowledge sharing and exchange of developmental agenda. It offers tremendous opportunities of networking, shared learning and adopting best practices. This is the platform that treats regulator and regulate as two sides of the same coin and believes in shared responsibility.

WEMA is pleased to convey its warm gratitude to the hosting city Hamburg, host CECIP, all the partners, sponsors and delegates of ICW for making the event a great success.


Vijay Bhat

Director General


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