Too Little Too Late

We keep on hearing through press reports and organizational campaigns that we are already on the path to Viksit Bharat. Factors like economic growth, social

Regulatory Focus and Efficacy

Regulations are necessary in a progressive society for the purpose of maintaining discipline, order, balance in all spheres and protect interests of stake holders. It

Legal Metrology in Digital India

In a civilized and progressive society consumer protection is an essential activity which cannot be achieved by regulations and regulator alone. Like no amount of

International Conference of Weighing

24th April 2023 to 26th April 2023 Hamburg, Germany Theme Digitization in Global Digital World Main purpose of this first edition of the conference appeared

Reforms in Legal Metrology

It is to be appreciated that process of reformation entails a lot of patience. It starts with consensus building to overcoming of many barriers including

Right to Accuracy

 Day in and day out we keep on listening to exhortations on protection of consumer rights and related regulatory campaigns to make it happen. There

A Step Forward

Ease of doing business is receiving well deserved attention from the Government of India. Series of measures have already been taken to build up an

Legal Metrology in Amritkal

December 2022 is an auspicious month. India has taken over Presidency of G20 and security Council. Proudly it is a paradigm shift in the role