Too Little Too Late

We keep on hearing through press reports and organizational campaigns that we are already on the path to Viksit Bharat. Factors like economic growth, social progress and environmental stability have a greater role to play in development of our country. The process can rightly be accelerated through effective citizen and business centric reforms, ease of […]

Regulatory Focus and Efficacy

Regulations are necessary in a progressive society for the purpose of maintaining discipline, order, balance in all spheres and protect interests of stake holders. It is more achievable by creating a framework that is open, transparent, consultative and rational. Regulations can be more effective if used in right measure. Imagine a society in absence of […]

Weighing Industry in Market Expansion Mode

In order to achieve something, it may be required to embark on what has not been done earlier and tap what has been left untapped. Working in silos may not help. Whole fraternity including Regulator need to work together, join hands and exchange ideas for the greater good of the Nation and its economy. Composition […]

Myths about Annual verification and Stamping of Weighing Equipment

We have grown up nursing nearly an unshakable belief that mandatory annual verification of weighing machines is the guarantor of accuracy in weighing results. It is a fool proof enforcement that safeguards consumer interests. On deeper analysis it appears that the belief is mythical. Protection of consumer rights is not an annual affair. It needs […]