Too Little Too Late

We keep on hearing through press reports and organizational campaigns that we are already on the path to Viksit Bharat. Factors like economic growth, social progress and environmental stability have a greater role to play in development of our country. The process can rightly be accelerated through effective citizen and business centric reforms, ease of […]

Regulatory Focus and Efficacy

Regulations are necessary in a progressive society for the purpose of maintaining discipline, order, balance in all spheres and protect interests of stake holders. It is more achievable by creating a framework that is open, transparent, consultative and rational. Regulations can be more effective if used in right measure. Imagine a society in absence of […]

Weighing Industry in Market Expansion Mode

In order to achieve something, it may be required to embark on what has not been done earlier and tap what has been left untapped. Working in silos may not help. Whole fraternity including Regulator need to work together, join hands and exchange ideas for the greater good of the Nation and its economy. Composition […]

Myths about Annual verification and Stamping of Weighing Equipment

We have grown up nursing nearly an unshakable belief that mandatory annual verification of weighing machines is the guarantor of accuracy in weighing results. It is a fool proof enforcement that safeguards consumer interests. On deeper analysis it appears that the belief is mythical. Protection of consumer rights is not an annual affair. It needs […]

Legal Metrology in Digital India

In a civilized and progressive society consumer protection is an essential activity which cannot be achieved by regulations and regulator alone. Like no amount of policing can prevent crime unless the society at large is consciously willing and ready to follow the rules and engage in orderly and honest behaviour. Mostly regulator’s role is misunderstood […]

International Conference of Weighing

24th April 2023 to 26th April 2023 Hamburg, Germany Theme Digitization in Global Digital World Main purpose of this first edition of the conference appeared to bring together stake holders in the weighing sector from across the globe to share their experiences, Knowledge, innovative ideas, development agenda and best practices. Idea being to enable all-round […]

Reforms in Legal Metrology

It is to be appreciated that process of reformation entails a lot of patience. It starts with consensus building to overcoming of many barriers including resistance to change. We are thankful to team of DOCA for initiating the process well and having delivered some meaningful and effective reforms in the recent past, that include: – […]

World Consumer Rights Day 15th March 2023

Warm greetings to all on this special day of 15th March which serves as a reminder that businesses flourish and stay because of consumers. They deserve honesty, attention, respect and fairness. World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated every year on March 15th     as a means of raising global awareness about consumer rights and […]

Right to Accuracy

 Day in and day out we keep on listening to exhortations on protection of consumer rights and related regulatory campaigns to make it happen. There is hardly any forum be it political, social, voluntary, governmental or non-governmental, where this subject is not broached. This reminds me of an anecdote when I was travelling in connection […]

A Step Forward

Ease of doing business is receiving well deserved attention from the Government of India. Series of measures have already been taken to build up an environment of trust and confidence. This has been done by revoking some archaic laws to simplifying compliances and bringing in some semblance of uniformity. The latest in this direction is […]